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Revolutionizing space sharing

We revolutionize space sharing by offering limitless scope, lower costs, and enhanced trust through a streamline, user-first platform. Spacidey is perfectly positioned to succeed today and thrive tomorrow by embracing and leveraging space potential.
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Our Story

When our CEO, Nate Scott, was in college he worked three jobs attempting to make ends meet, but at times, it still wasn’t enough. Nate was renting a house off-campus because it was cheaper and creatively decided to leverage that house for everything he could. He started out hosting parties and renting out the backyard for parking which brought in steady revenue. Eventually he turned a few rooms into storage for exchange students who needed a place to store their stuff when they went home for summers and holidays which was extremely lucrative. Nate was getting so much business he could barely keep up administratively. And just like, Spacidey was born: a user-first platform to leverage any space built around our three pillars of Limitless ScopeEnhanced Trust, and Lower Costs.

Next Steps

Seed Round Fundraising

To ensure we close seed funding as quickly as possible, Spacidey is attending a tech conference in Oakland and has been selected to participate in a prestigious startup accelerator.

Application Development

Our user-first platform will be developed by a software development firm. It will be coded with the future in mind so glitches can be quickly fixed and updates can be quickly pushed.

Beta Testing and Launch

Once development is complete, Spacidey will enter a controlled testing phase following by a hard launch in the DMV area to ensure maximum reach for our marketing funds.

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