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We aim to be the place where a spaces use is only limited by ones imagination. Every part of our service and technology is being developed to give our Hosts the most flexibility to serve customers across different industries, and customers the ability to find the perfect space that fits their needs. 


Nathaniel Scott, Co-Founder & CEO

Electrical Engineer by degree, Program Manger by training, Astronaut by choice – the kind that explores space and its endless possibilities.    

Eric Mills, Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Nuclear Engineer by degree, Sailor by training, Hero by choice – the kind that serves his country by sea (GO NAVY!) and now serves his community through space.



Seeking CTO & Advisors

We are searching for people passionate about building a service that goes beyond a standard marketplace. Space is a unique venture, and therefore requires individuals that want to build the optimal experience for our Hosts, and renters.  

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